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Austrian boy receiving new shoes after WWII. "New Shoes" by Gerald Waller, Austria Six year-old Werfel, living in an orphanage in Austria, hugs a new pair of shoes given to him by the American Red Cross. This photo was published by Life magazine.


Willard Scott, the future weatherman, as the original Ronald McDonald in 1963 - Willard made a creepy looking clown! Now I understand why some people have a fear of clowns!

Gorge De L'areuse, Svizzera

Gorge De L'areuse (Switzerland) The Gorges de l'Ardèche are a series of gorges in the river Ardèche, in France. They form a thirty-kilometre long canyon running from Vallon-Pont-d'Arc to Saint-Martin-d'Ardèche.

1. Rakotz Brücke, Germania

asylum-art: “ Enchanting European Landscapes Inspired by Brothers Grimm Folk Tales Photographed by Kilian Schönberger on Behance Brothers Grimm’s Wanderings is the second in a series of European.


The photographer of this picture is unknown and the name of this photograph is “Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano”. This picture was taken in 1994 in Chechnya.


Auschwitz A modern photo of a wall on the inside of one of Auschwitz's infamous gas chambers. You can see marks and scratches covering each wall.


The 1980 World Press Photo of the Year by Mike Wells a foreign missionary in Uganda holds the hand of a starving boy. A massive famine at the time killed of the population including of all infants.

Texa allergy “starnutire fa schifo” di Saatachi & Saatachi

Texa - Sneezing sucks Texa Allergy is an over the counter antihistamine. Because there are times that you really just can’t afford to sneeze.