Love the boots and the sweater.would probably wear skinny jeans instead since they fit better in boots, and wouldnt carry a bag so large.though I do like the bag.I'd prefer it to be smaller.a crossbody that's not as big as my body.

little bee ring.

Little Bee Ring

For Melissa my little honey bee little bee ring. It would be fun for me and my sisters to get this ring in honor of my step father. who raises honey bees and refers to himself as the "king bee"

Pale pink with black.....who knew:) Love it.

Pale pink with black.who knew:) Love it. Of course not these items lol but I'm sitting here with blue jeans, black boots & purse & sweater with gold nails, big hoops, watch, ring and trichain Going to ditch the gold & go get some pale pink :)

gorgeous orange and grey

Navy and gray with orange. Not a big fan of jacket or purse, but love the rest.

Interesting Way To Tie A Scarf

Black & white plaid flannel and royal blue scarf. love how the scarf is tied!