Prairie Spirit Baskets - Patterns

Prairie Spirit Baskets - Patterns

Keep Your Potatoes and Onions in Old World Vegetable Baskets Plastic grocery bags retain moisture, speeding the demise of potatoes and onions. These breathable woven baskets, used for centuries in Europe, are a better solution. They fill from the top, and dispense vegetables from the pocket below. And they add a little country style to your kitchen or pantry. Set of two; large holds about 30 lbs. of potatoes, small holds about 6 lbs. of onions. Hand-woven willow with braided sea grass handle...

Root Storage Bin

Create a willow border in the garden - weave small, flexible willow branches around larger branches staked into the soil.

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Another great find on #zulily! Willow Tray & Tin Pot Planter Set #zulilyfinds

Willow Tray & Tin Pot Planter Set

Packet shape embellished with philodendron sheath by Chris Warren, Portland, OR

Baskets by Chris Warren of Handwoven Arts

Beautiful model boat made from driftwood and willow weaving

tovesflet - Unika flet

Handmade Basket For The Garden


Tonal Weave Basket #anthrofave. Flower Basket #Flower Basket #Basket #Wicker basket #Bicycle basket #Bike basket #Bicycle

Riverknoll Bike Basket

Master class, crafts, product Weaving: Fish, poultry, animal Newsprint. Photo 1

Рыба, птица, зверь

Love the lid and embellishment


Base for a basket?

Идея!!! Не моя...

"Noova" made of lotus pod tops, yellow cedar bark, ostrich shell beads & waxed linen via Jan Hopkins Art

Jan Hopkins Art: Basketry-1

Strapped Carriers - Swamp Road Baskets

Strapped Carriers

Salley Metcalf | Come In. Big leaf maple, iris leaves, sea grass and copper.

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GOLD Antler Basket, Tower, copper bling, beads, J Choate Basketry.Basketry Art #Basketry Art #Art #Basketry#Basket #Craft #weave #weaving #weaver

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how to make a basket, kudzu basket, and very good instruktion on harvesting natural weaving material.

The Process of Weaving a Basket from Natural Materials

Tracy Wilkinson, Artist (pottery/basketry)

149 sullivan street: baixa pots

all twisted

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Western Art Paintings and Sculptures - West Lives On Gallery

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Willow Weave Lantern #nextweddingtea I want to learn to weave natural fibre baskets - its on the list

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I would LOVE this!

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Copper and red basketry sculpture

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Bamboo pillow basket via Chicago Weaving School

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I have to say, this latest slide show tutorial I did for eHow has got to be one of my favorites! Not only do I love the basket, but I'm thrilled with the images, too. Everything about this makes me...

DIY: Upcycled No Sew Denim Basket (And Another Give Away)

Intricate free form woven basket in mauve, orange, green, and purple. #Cricut

Northwest Montana -: March 2007