It is chocolate.Again, not sure if it is made of chocolate or just chocolate in color, but it is a stunning piece of art either way! I'd actually be hesitant to eat it if it were edible!

Lady in purple with musical mask

*Instead of full face masks, face painting this technique would be pretty makeup. Lady in purple with musical mask, Carnivale Venice lovvve the make up the color the face mask. the feathers, gloves and gold.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Glitter Face Stickers and Lips

Awesome makeup for mardi gras party. Purple gold and green eye gems. Eye bling festive holiday costume make up.

wow! that is a mask!

The juxtaposition of the black mask with the pale skin of the model makes for a striking image. The mask is a classic Venetian carnival mask invoking both the night and Venice's marriage to the sea. Photography by Natasha Epperson of the Illustrated Eye.

Venice Carnival

The Venice Carnival is the largest and most important Venetian festival,an event where art is present in its numerous forms like music,the.

Venetian Mask Masquerade Angel Wings Orange Mardi Gras

Low on stock: Venetian Mask Masquerade Angel Wings Orange Mardi Gras Halloween Costume