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Sandra Møystad
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sloth unleashed : Photo

feigling: “one minute sculpture - erwin wurm ”

RP Jenny Saville Sale waterproof suction-mount #ipadCase for #shower or #kitchen…

Jenny Saville & Glen Lunchford collaborative work from the series 'Close Contact'.This is one of my all times favourite pieces of work,I love it so much I forked out for the original exhibition catalogue

Claude Cahun is a female artist who was apart of the Surrealist movement and created what is for the most part to be considered "feminist" artwork. In this particular piece she attempted to de-gender the human image. I thought this could closely connect to our recent discussions in class about Feminist artists.

Claude Cahun’s Que Me Veux-Tu? (What Do You Want From Me?) is replete with subtext. Born Lucy Schwob, her portraiture explored her dual, fluid-gendered identity. This self-portrait is particularly iconic and, of course, all analog.

Sarah Lucas - Cigarette Tits [Idealized Smokers Chest II] 1999

Sarah Lucas [UK] (b ~ "Cigarette Tits [Idealized Smokers Chest II]", Chair, balls, cigarettes and bra x 48 x 52 cm).