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Very Rare Things in the World

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by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (origami paper and a single light source)


origami shadow faces

Unusual Jewel Squid December 16th, 2008 Despite its delicate, decorated appearance, this jewel squid was found 1,650 lung-crushing feet (500 meters) beneath the surface of the North Atlantic. Scientists on a recent deep-sea expedition found the squid, called Histioteuthis, along with an abundance of other species thought to be very rare, if not unknown, elsewhere. Jewel squid are known for their mismatched eyes, one of which is larger than the other to scope for prey in the deep’s…


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Spotted and photographed in Guyana's Acarai Mountains in 2006, the rare peacock katydid uses its unique hues to deter predators in two very different ways.


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Travel Photographer of the Year 2010 competition: winners' gallery

Enal is around 6 years old. He knows this shark well - it lives in a penned off area of ocean beneath his stilted house in Wangi, Indonesia. It is very rare for someone to have this kind of connection with a shark.


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from The Telegraph


A bearded chamois Polish frizzle. The breed is very popular for exhibition and was virtually extinct until a handful of enthusiasts recently started a breeding program to revive it. They are now considered to be a rare breed. Photographer: Stephen Green-Armytage/Newsteam. Text: The Telegraph, Extraordinary Chickens from Around the World


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The black butterfly is a very rare specimen; its beauty derives just from the fact that, unlike most butterfly species, it doesn't have bright colors on its wings.


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