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Wer braucht schon ein Fitnessstudio?!

Football is a very interesting sport, and there are so many different techniques and skills that you can learn and bring to the playing field.

pencil sketch - illustration

Fine portraits and fashion illustrations by Caroline Andrieu currently based in Paris but originally from Slovakia. Caroline has been working for big fashion magazine like Vogue and GQ and regularly creates illustrations for Diesel Fragrance.

Hege Elisabeth Haugen (charcoal on paper)

Hege Elisabeth Haugen (charcoal on paper). Hege was one of my favorite teachers: she told me to eat more chocolate and listen to music I loved while drawing.

Good way to practice drawing eyes and making them proportionate

One thing about me is that I LOVE art. It's something that helps me stay calm and I'm able to relax. I love drawing Realistic Eyes. They're so beautiful to me. Drawing eyes are something I'm good at and its the best thing I can draw.

Felting tutorial

How to make a wet felt waistcoat using resist - Felting photo tutorial