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    DIY PVC pipe fort, with instructions! I will be the cool mom that makes this for her kids!!!

    5 Most Underrated Kids Products At IKEA. 2. Mammut Stool. I know, a plastic stool. Zzzz. But have you seen how good it can look with a teeny-tiny mushroom cover? Or, could you imagine it contrasted with a nice raw wood table? Sure, it's cheap and it's only plastic — but this means when art and craft time gets messy it's okay, it can be wiped down and no one's crying that a 4 year old damaged your designer baby chair. $7.99.

    Marilyn Monroe circa 1951

    Christopher Moore...a truly gifted and twisted writer.

    ॐ Lord Shiva... The destroyer/transformer of Worlds - Hinduism India 卐. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver of Worlds. Collectively the 3 Gods are known as Trimurti and are manifestations of the Supreme God in his 3 forms - Hinduism

    Santorini, Greece

    Double mastectomy floral tattoo "The response to this piece is incredible. Tattooing is a beautiful and absolutely viable option for concealing or altering scars. When coupled with an artist you’ve...

    Words of wisdom from Stephen Fry.