New York, United States of America God amazing sunset. American Flag, Statue of Liberty. Thank you Jesus for this country keep us in you everlasting love and bless America today and always!

They serve.

This vet's hat is off to MWDs. We owe our lives to them. They are veterans. Salute to ALL Military Working Dog May God Bless & PROTECT you sweet Heroes! Thank you for all your dedication & hard work plus saving countless soldiers lives!

The Joy of coming home...

homecoming - doesn't matter at all if its raining! Just like at Drew's homecoming, it was pouring rain, storming, and hailing, but I would not leave that fence until I saw him walk off the plane!

to my hubby, who is a Veteran.

I'm so proud of my dad who served 20 years of his life in the United States Marine Corps. My dad served USMC, too.


Military Hat Ornament, and when you buy stuff from this website it provides meals to homeless veterans!

*Memorial Day

*VINTAGE ~ Postcard commemorating Memorial Day Enter The Saturday Evening Post "Tribute to Our Troops"


Memorial Day Art ★ Vintage Greeting Card, free piece of American Memorial Day History a beautiful printable copyright free public domain Vintage Memorial Day American Patriotic Picture Greeting Post Card: a young boy on a boat dressed in a sailor suit who