Learn to Read Recipe Book ~ Great idea for Sequencing Activities too ~ http://www.kids-cooking-activities.com/non-reader-recipes.html  ~ Step by Step Picture Recipes for Kids :)

restaurant = restaurante :) "recipe book" using environmental print.great for dramatic play kitchen.also could do "menus" based on the play food in your kitchen area and teach children to recreate the menu their friend chose.too fun!

Print picture recipes to help students who benefit from visual cues. Use the What You Need Sheets to help students gather materials and to aid students who practice community skills to select and make purchases for preparation in class. Put the recipes in sheet protectors or laminate so you can use them over and over. Direct adult supervision is required during cooking, of course.

Tinsnips Cooking- Print picture recipes to help students who benefit from visual cues.

Picture recipes - great for teaching cooking skills or for individuals with difficulties reading or following written directions

Free printable picture recipes for special education life skill cooking

Download free picture recipes at www.nellieedge.com under the What’s New tab (scroll down). Kids in the Kitchen (a.k.a. Kindergarten Cooks) has been reprinted with laminated covers for another generation of young cooks. It is fully illustrated for beginning readers.

Just ordered this. I remember making stuff out of this in my aunt and uncles kitchen in Reno. So excited to make stuff with Zoe & Finn.

Easy Mexican (Spanish) Rice | Picture the Recipe

This an easy and quick recipe for spanish tomato rice, just like a good Mexican restaurant rice.

Dirt Cake Recipe with Picture Cards

Dirt Cake Recipe with Picture Cards - will definitely have to implement this recipe in our cooking lessons!

Make a Butterfly Treat! Target a variety of language skills with a fun, edible recipe. Use celery, peanut butter (or cream cheese,) raisins, and pretzels! Free picture recipe to download.

Making the Most of Summer Fun: Language-Based Activities for Children & Their Families « Live Speak Love, LLC

Marshmallows - step by step recipe with pictures :)

Lemon Marshmallows

How to Make Marshmallows - Photo Tutorial for Making Marshmallows - Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

Step by Step picture recipes - cool site

My husband is part Italian . His mom always makes pizzelles with anise, So when we got married I asked his mom for her recipe.