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Plum Vanilla Soda by Isabelle @ Crumb, via Flickr

Raspberry Hibiscus Soda Recipe

Strawberry Rhubarb Italian Soda

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Home made classic cream soda- recipe from Anton Nocito of P Soda and Syrup. Also Try: Grapefruit Soda Syrup, Quince Soda Syrup

Always make sure to have nonalcoholic drinks at your party! We love this recipe for pomegranate soda

Homemade Grapefruit Soda Syrup... 2 cups sugar; Zest of 2 pink grapefruits; Juice of 1 pink grapefruit; 2 tsps lemon juice; Pinch of salt; Ice cubes, for serving; Seltzer water, for serving.

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Make Your Own Italian Soda

Homemade Sassafras Root Beer Recipe Several roots (including some green stems) from sassafras saplings, about 30-40 inches worth of 1/4-inch thick roots (enough to fill one cup when you chop them into 1/2-inch pieces) 4 cups water 2 cloves 1/2 teaspoon anise seeds (can sub fennel) 4 allspice berries 1-inch of stick cinnamon 1/4 cup molasses 1 cup sugar 2 quarts soda water see site for more info :)

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Herbal Sodas Recipe | Martha Stewart | 1/2 cups sugar 3/4 ounce fresh herbs, such as basil, lemon verbena, mint, tarragon, or thyme 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice Ice, for serving Sparkling water or club soda, for serving

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Drink Recipe: Strawberry Basil Soda Recipes from The #cooking guide #recipes cooking #cooking tips|

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Homemade Strawberry Soda - using real strawberries and SODA STREAM

Rhubarb Soda

Key lime soda syrup

Homemade Ginger Syrup for the SodaStream Soda Maker

Root Beer Syrup

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