"Well, I have enough money to live comfortably for the rest of my life. If I die next Thursday" Shane answers.

hey it's leo!

They’re starting to evolve…

ha! #funny

It's been an eat-Nutella-straight- from-the-jar kind of day. R u kidding its always a eat-nutella-strait-out-of-the-jar day haha


Brain before going to sleep: "Let's think about every mistake you've ever made, shall we?"

Funny pictures about Why I Don't Go To Bed Early Anymore. Oh, and cool pics about Why I Don't Go To Bed Early Anymore. Also, Why I Don't Go To Bed Early Anymore photos.

99 Of The Funniest Pinterest Pictures We’ve Ever Seen

Roxy knows she's allowed on the barstool, and not the counter. Roxy also likes to test her limits. (Cat behavior at its finest!

Something I am very proud about! If I can be even half the person she is than I am truly lucky!

{Friday Favorites} Pinterest Pins

Sometimes when I open my mouth, my mother comes out.and it makes me smile. I loved my Mommy.

My favorite wine glass

Giant Wine Bottle Wine Glass

Wine Glass and Wine Bottle in One!: Finally a wine glass that fits my needs! Keep drinking until the whole bottle is empty. Now that is a great glass of wine.

Can't stop laughing Love it....bahahahahahaa

I hope you aren't allergic to nuts. Because I'm going to kick your up into your throat. Oh this, I have said this several times this month alone!