What a beautiful picture. Water is a wonderful thing and to think something we take for granted could bring a smile like that to someone's face.

It only took "water" a thing we see everyday. A thing We take for granted. A thing we need. It simply took water to make me happy. It only took water for me to smile

Hasta la naturaleza nos pone buena cara, animo !!!!!! ;) feliz fin de semana

Happy rainbow with birds.amazing, it looks like the moon! Looks like a big smiley face to me.

Encuentra el camino alegre donde tu Luz y tu Sonrisa nos ilumine a Todos... ॐ

I've grown to realize the joy that comes from little victories is preferable to the fun that comes from ease and the pursuit of pleasure. Lawana Blackwell Photo Grace by Satish Gadiraju;

Hasta en los peores momentos, hay que aprender a buscar el motivo para sonreír #motivación #frases

Coffee makes Coffee Lovers smile. Even coffee smiles when coffee is made. Its a coffee thing, Haters could never understand.


Regalos de la vida

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” - Audrey Hepburn Malawi, Lilongwe ©Art in All of Us/Anthony Asael

#embraceliving #inspiration #aging #eldersrule #seniors

♂ How can you not smile with him? (Man portrait Diaspora Smile, Anniversary of Tibetan in Exi by Bhanuwat Jittivuthikarn)


A feeling of dread! Nose to nose: A marmot greets eight-year-old Matteo on the slopes of the Austrian Alps - looks sweet BUT is it RISKY - the animal is a wild creature! K Sweet Na via Hannah Animals