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The First Mooch

Deceitful Obamas- The basic premise of Mrs. Obama's speech--that she and her husband had struggled economically like so many other Americans--is false. Not only did they enjoy many advantages that others do not, but CNS News reports that Barack Obama inherited half a million dollars in stock from his grandmother, a bank vice president who Michelle misleadingly cited as a victim of gender discrimination.

Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama: Michelle Obama is America’s Marie Antionette. It is incredible how much Michelle has cost each taxpayer since moving into the White House. While our national debt reaches historic levels under her inept husband, she happily flaunts her wealth while spending 10s of millions OUR of tax dollars on shopping trips and vacations.

Ghetto fabulous

Obama lost again

The FLOTUS Taxpayer Funded "Bridge Building" Vacation Tour Of China Begins - Press Not Permitted ~ The First Lady arrived in Beijing today, accompanied by daughters Sasha and Malia as well as her mother Marian Robinson. On Friday, she is to spend the day with Peng Liyuan, the wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, something which diplomats hope will build bridges between the two countries. CHINA – First Lady Michelle Obama will be accompanied by her children [...] 03/20

Can we say photoshopping!

Should the Office of the First Lady Be Eliminated - Minutemen News..YES.. Go figure it was Killary who started the mooching. Didn't someone have to approve that ?? And since I the tax payer pays for it shouldn't I and may fellow Americans Citizens been consulted. I mean, the pres. works for us RIGHT ?? He is OUR public servant RIGHT ?? So the first lady was not elected and I don't want to pay her assistant...or ASSISTANTS... that should come out of her own pocket.

Michelle Obama: Young people are knuckleheads, need Obamacare


Michelle O in 2008: Barak will make us 'sacrifice' for health care - A video has surfaced from the presidential campaign trail in May '08 that shows her talking about the sacrifices that Americans would have to make in order to achieve her husband's health care goals.

  • rosemary melendez

    they can stick their sacrifices up their big ole butts.

  • Sandy Bianco

    They're not making sacrifices. They're living the good life spending our money. he's turning America into a Muslim country. I wish people would wake up.

Michelle Obama Tells Women To Write ‘The Biggest Check You Can Possibly Write’ To Save much did her and hubby write a check for? Hahaha

The Very Radical Racist Background Of Michelle Obama


  • rosemary melendez

    gd them! fraudulent, america-hating pair of losers and flag burners. how do you spell F R A U D? we must uphold the Constitution!

  • Sandy Bianco

    They are hateful liars!

Formerly middle class woman now in the White House robbing the country blind.

Wait 'Till We Get Home Barack - I"m gonna beat your ass. Now THIS is Funny! Obama with the New Prime Minister of Thailand

An insult only the wannabe queen could get away with... Hispanics tend to be fat.... ugly foot in mouth ..

South side of Chicago. If it breeds those like her, I'll never visit.

Country too broke to keep White House tours open, but the lavish vacations and parties continue non stop.


A Letter To Michelle Obama.... WISH I HAD WRITTEN IT !!!

Michelle Obama supporting Toys for Tots & looking sooooo happy about it!

First Lady Now Requires 26 Servants (Wow, and I thought they were worried about sequestration!)