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bugly wuglys

bugly wuglys

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Malachite butterfly

ɛïɜ IO Moth Caterpillar ~ Automeris Metzli ~This large and colorful caterpillar becomes a moth of the Saturniidae family. It is found from Mexico to Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. Its hairs can cause painful skin eruption when handled.

  • Rossana Campero
    Rossana Campero

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young orchid mantid, photo by Bob Jensen

Malachite, by Frank Somma


Beautiful beetle

dragonfly ~ perfection of subltle tones & intricated designs!!!

This beautiful caterpillar comes in a rainbow of pastel colors including green, blue, pink and yellow and is a little less than an inch long. It is rather flat and has four clusters of darker spines near the hind end. Poison released by the spines can cause a severe reaction and warrant medical attention. The Spiny Oak Slug Caterpillar likes to feed on sycamore, willow, ash, oak, hackberry and chestnut along with other trees and smaller woody plants. This species can be found in the woodlands...

Beautiful Praying Mantis

The caterpillar of the Wavy Emerald Moth (Synchlora aerata), family Geometridae, a species found throughout much of North America. The larvae feed on many plants in the family Asteraceae (like Liatris spp. and Rudbeckia spp.) as well as a variety of other flowering plants. They are known to pluck the petals from the flowers of their host plants and affix them to their backs using silk. Once the petals begin to wilt and discolor, the caterpillar discards the old petals and picks new petals, w...


Sino-Korean Owl Moth (Brahmaea certhia)






European peacock butterfly

  • Diane Yokabitus
    Diane Yokabitus

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Green moth

Lantern flies borneo, Kalimantan