Paper Plate Pilgrims

Pin for Later: 19 Cool Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids Paper Plate Pilgrims Turkeys aren't the only game in town. Making paper plate pilgrims with your tots is a great opportunity to teach them about the first Thanksgiving. These fun characters are a great way to occupy the kids while Thanksgiving dinner is in the oven. Just a little paper and glue, and they can create their own toys to play with. Thanksgiving, recycle, pilgrims, indians, turkey, kids play, kids crafts, crafts, toilet paper rolls, paper tubes, crafting, holiday, easy, fun

Turkey Day Paper Tube Fun

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits

Month: November Grade: Description: Cute writing and craft idea for Thanksgiving! "We learned about Native Americans and Pilgrims. Then, the girls wrote about Native Americans and made these. The boys wrote about Pilgrims and made pilgrim boys.