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Happy #Sharkoween!

Are you a master pumpkin carver? Dressing up in a Sharks costume this year? Decorating your house Sharks themed for Halloween? Here's a collection of some of the best fan photos and ideas to get you ready for October 31.

Happy #Sharkoween!

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Amelia unleashes her inner #TeenageMutantNinjaHertl power for #Sharkoween.

We love the pumpkin Sharks head done by #SJSharks fan @hksalem19.

A perfect pumpkin for Nemo. -- @mindykindylindy

#Sharkoween version of the Sharks head. -- @pigpenbrown

Matt shows his fully painted #Sharkoween pumpkin.

Jay displays his accessorized #Sharkoween pumpkin.

Cooper the Sharkdog is ready and prepared for this years #Sharkoween.

Kimberly and her daughter pose with their very first carved #Sharkoween pumpkin.

Mist shows his #Sharkoween spirit with a carved Sharks pumpkin.

James shows us his pumpkin carving skills with his #Sharkoween pumpkin.

Jenn is geared up for #Sharkoween as she is dressed up as an NHL referee.

Liam dresses up as Luke Skywalker showing his Sharks pride next to a carved #Sharkoween pumpkin.

@rhineandshine_2 gives off her best Burnzie imitation for #Sharkoween.

Ryan presents his Raffi Torres daze inspired #Sharkoween pumpkin.

This takes a lot of pumpkin carving skill, and we love it!

Does your #SJSharks pumpkin need some teeth?

A Sharks pumpkin taken to a whole new level.

Awesome pumpkin stencil for a #SJSharks fan.

This Sharks pumpkin ready to take a bite of some Halloween candy.

Great painting job on this pumpkin.

pumpkins on Pinterest

A Shark pumpkin Halloween fish bowl. How cool!

Woof woof ... oopos, we mean, chomp chomp!

Can't forget the fin to a #SJSharks Halloween costume!