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When choosing your at home kit, you are going to realize that there are many kinds of hair color. It's very complicated to select hair colors based on your skin tone

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Half up⬆▫Half Down⬇▫ The best way for me to get it right on my own hair is tons of dry shampoo for a nice gritty, dry texture at the roots and fine backbrushing with a boar hair bristle brush before tying it up.

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If you do this workout every single day you will get that perfect Butt. But don't forget to pause every third day to give your muscles time to grow! -M

Every girl's dream is to have a nice toned butt. With the summer ended you definitely want that toned butt for next summer, no slacking! I mean look at the Kardashians and other celebrities who have that. I am sure that I’m not the only one who has that.

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