Gorgeous! I would love to get lost in this library daily.

Как оформить библиотеку: советы Евгения Полянцева

I would love to get lost in this library daily.National Library, Vienna, Austria (doesn't it look like the library in beauty and the beast?

Built-In Desk that maybe slides in and out. This in a library would be a fantastic way to find extra temporary study space

Library and Nature...oh how much I would love to have this room! Just imagine it raining...

let the light in. dream house all window wall book shelf shelves library reading room wood dream house

super-secret passage bookshelf

10 Drool-Worthy Secret Passage Bookshelves

Probably one of the best pins in the world, considering my Nancy Drew-infatuated mind is set on having something like this in my future house.my future house that WILL include a library.


Writer's House Designed by Gianni Botsford Architects. Gianni Botsford architect and his set aimed to create an architecture of writing at the localised

Old library

Abandoned library NO NO NO NO NO! If it were in my power I would take up ever abandoned book and so that old stories may live again threw new eyes!

Home Library ~ Oh, my sweet Lord. There are no words for this... check out the skeleton!

My dream home library. The Beauty and the Beast ladder with quaint wooden bookcases. I hope I collect enough books to fill a book case.

Books everywhere and one perfect reading chair.. just needs an ottoman, snuggley blanket, and a cat

Shakespeare & Company, Paris, France My dream room, with a more comfy chair and a blanket.maybe a bay window.