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Gourmet S'mores Menu -- 26 Delicious Summer BBQ Recipes : oldhousetonewhome --- pp: Be fun for a gathering of friends and family around the bonfire.

Pencil Sharpener - Simple, cheap tool for making tinder & getting your fire started.

Simple, cheap tool for getting your fire started. A pencil sharpener and twigs will give you all the fire starter you need

Camping Quesadillas - Cupcake Diaries

Camping Quesadillas

Camping Quesadillas are a delicious and easy meal for a camping trip. Place them right over your campfire! Prepare ahead of time for a quick and easy camping meal. You can also make them at home on your grill.

21 Delicious Foil-Wrapped Camping Recipes

21 Foil-Wrapped Camping Recipes

Going camping? Try these camping tips and hacks! 21 Delicious Foil-Wrapped Camping Recipes -Read More – -

Dutch Oven-Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables |

Dutch Oven-Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables

Dutch Oven–Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables. After a day of hiking or swimming Chef Adam Sappington ( The Country Cat in Portland) likes the simplicity of cooking a one-pot meal like this for his wife and their two young sons.

fire-grilled camp sandwich

Must try - fire grilled camp sandwich. We can't wait to try this the next time we camp (or use the fire pit)

Campfire orange muffins

Campfire Orange Blueberry Muffins by Apron Strings- OR wake the fam up with the scent of orange blueberry muffins! Campfire Cooking – The Kelly Family’s Top Three All-Time Favorite Campfire Desserts

Campfire Corn on the Cob - another camping staple that we do every time we camp!

carolynn's recipe box: Campfire Corn on the Cob. 2 ice cubes sealed in the foil- who knew.