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Build a LEGO Race Track for Hot Wheels Cars

Incredible LEGO Star Wars Designs You Can Build

Incredible LEGO Star Wars builds that include free instructions are available. We rounded up the best of the best and there are a bunch of great builds that you and your kids can make. For all of the DIY LEGO Star Wars designs click the image. You are going to LOVE these!

Lego Game... directions and a free printable Game Board!!!

Lego Game… directions and a free printable Game Board!!!

75+ Fun Lego Ideas

Go beyond just building - here is a huge collection of awesome things you can do with your Lego’s!

Lego Zip Line Homemade Toy Zip Line for Kids

Lego Zip Line- I knew there would be several interesting concepts he could explore through hands on play with a very simple Lego zip line! A cool way to explore some scientific concepts like slope, gravity, force, and tensions.