Necklace onsie

Painted Necklace Shirt - This is an adorable idea for a onsie or little t-shirt. Easy to replicate with some fabric paint, pen top, marker top or even a pencil top! Your little girly girl is going to look so chic in this cute little painted necklace top!

Bikini onesie...too cute!

She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini onesie!

How to make felt and fabric brooches

How to make felt and fabric brooches: Apply similar technique to felt pieces of Advent calendar to make them sturdier.

elephant love

Spread the love with this cute elephant blowing a big red heart from his trunk - a really romantic greetings card.

baby onesies with puff paint.

puff paint onesies tutorial by Alisa Burke - or use this technique on grownup tees/collars