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The parts of a feather you can see with the unaided eye are the rachis, vane, afterfeather, barbs, downy barbs and the hollow shaft. There are also tiny parts called barbules and hooklets that help hold the barbs together and give the feather its shape.
anatomy of a feather including the vane and calamus
These are based off the eagle. I used references for these.      -  Almost every part of a bird’s anatomy has evolved in some part to enhance flight     - &...

What Lifts You

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Different-sized pieces of tree for children to; explore, construct, incorporate into imaginative play.
Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids! Love these!
Exploring nature through wholemeal playdough and loose natural parts.

Outdoor Patio

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Search › art vocabulary spanish | Quizlet
Spanish Art Supplies Nomenclature Cards from Montessori for Everyone
Literacy and Laughter - Celebrating Kindergarten children and the books they love: Five For Friday


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Model Magic Presto Dots Wiggle Bones Chameleon
Model Magic - For the Love of Art
Native American Story Necklaces using model magic

Model Magic

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Play dough

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Printmaking with Elementary


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group art inspiration


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Popsicle stick easels!!  Genius!
very cool!
small circular weavings


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Drawing hands using proportion
how to draw hair
How to draw hands


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Helen Frankenthaler early childhood lessons, recycled newspaper beads
Quick projects with paper scraps
Chats en papier


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Maya Baskets
Calder Circus.  Via You Tube
Mudcloth process


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(2011-10) Lily-eyes
(2011-10) Bubbles
(2011-10) Spider web


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Recycle Art! #6 plastic shrinky dinks
Recycle Art! Cd's
Recycled paper bowls

Recycled Material

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cardboard tube bracelets.  Cut tubes 2in. wide, cut a slit in it.  Cover with paint or paper.  Put clothes pin on and let dry. Embellish as desired.
Paper Jewelry


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30 Art Museums to Explore Online - FLEX Assessment
List of Art Websites for kids
Aboriginal Art Directory


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Giclee Print: Buses Art Print by John Falter : 16x16in

Art Show

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A New Way to Introduce the Color Wheel. Sentence Starters and Activities to make Vocabulary more fun!
Elements & Principles Memory Game
buy this...PICK AND DRAW (cards)


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Easy Mondrian | TeachKidsArt for kinders
Miss Young's Art Room: Art Sub Lesson/One-Day Quickie Project
sub activity


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Make a giant color graph!  Great way to learn through play for preschoolers.  Sorting, counting, and graphing.
35 Lessons that Explore the Beautiful Pairing of Math and Art
Parabolic curves - maths and art collide to make great kids activities. Using maths concepts is a great way to encourage kids to develop their creative skills and visa versa


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