The sexiest winter makeup looks that are ideal for the holiday season!

33 Best Winter Makeup Looks for the Holiday Season

Winter makeup is more than applying lipstick and eyeshadow. Check out the best makeup looks for winter here.

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Glasses Hair color, love her tattoos Imagem de makeup, pink, and eyeshadow Laughable eyebrows! I can't take it anymore!

Contouring + Lashes + Feline Liner + Brown Crease + Nude Lips + Champagne Eyelid + Brown Outer V

rust stack + "Harsh stone" (I used it wet) on the lid gel liner in "Slate" "Monaco" Dead of knight liquid lipstick "Nylon" on inner corners "Warm soul" blush "Soft brown" dip brow pomade Bahama mama bronzer to contour Give me sun bronzer