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For. The Classroom

For. The Classroom

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Carl Sagan quote



Dead words

Website that lets you chose your shape and fill it with words -even better than wordle! So cool!

I will make pillows for every dissection!

"The gay agenda has to stop, particularly in the schools. My grandson came home from school and said they were talking about homo sapiens in science class."

Huh!? Welcome to Idaho.

Love my smartpen

A pretty depressing infographic of the state of evolution in science class.

  • Darcey Little
    Darcey Little

    Teaching science can be tricky. One of the teachers at my school was talking about the Big Bang during the solar system unit and a student got really upset - saying it was just a theory, blah blah blah

  • Sara Longstreet
    Sara Longstreet

    It IS just a theory. And a damn good one. There are actually VERY few laws in our universe. We are careful to declare anything a law, because they have been proven wrong.

  • Sara Longstreet
    Sara Longstreet

    And the Big Bang is under new scrutiny because the galaxies have been discovered to not be moving at the rate they initially calculated. And some are moving in entirely different directions than once thought. I think it's intriguing.

science class...or home ec?

Solar system necklace. That is gloriously geeky. I love it! :)

FREE. Characteristics of Life Powerpoint for any Life Science Class. It is 11 slides that are bright, colorful, and contain some pretty cool pictures. Use this in grades 4 and higher as an introduction to any life science unit. It is a great first day of school attention grabber.

Awesome middle school science blog.

A funny hall pass for science class!

Beyond the Blackboard: classroom tour

Middle School students learn how living things are classified when they invent a classification system for these aliens. Classroom tested, easy and effective, and it's different every time you use it because students make different decisions. One of the best activities of my decades teaching 7th grade science.

This Clever Catch Ball is a fun way to teach about physics. Just toss the ball and whoever catches it will find a question to answer under their thumb. A great way to liven up a classroom. Only $13.95 at Online Science Mall.

Picture Vocab books The Simply Scientific Classroom: Middle School Science

Lol, Mr. K, my science teacher, has this in his classroom. I remember a couple weeks ago, when someone asked about it, one of the guys raised his hand and said, "Uh, Mr. K? I got mauled by a velociraptor this morning." Mr. K just said "Dang it, Gage!" and changed the number to zero. ;)

Start seeds initial 2 liter bottles. Totally cool! Science Saturday «. Perfect for in a classroom also!

Make a Biosphere! This will be great for the science center in our classroom. Check out the PDF guide at the link below or visit this collection of biospheres submitted by Make readers.

"Bread may seem ordinary at first glance, but a breakdown of the chemical makeup and ingredients of this popular food can be a valuable--and relevant--lesson in science." Check out this great classroom activity that kids can relate too!

This would be a good handout for the students to keep in their folder or a poster to keep in the classroom. This concept map shows the flow of the scientific method and how each step relates to each other. Having this in the classroom or their folder is a good reminder of the scientific method and how they will apply it in the science classroom.

Science teachers! A Ceiling Periodic Table for your classroom.

  • Darcey Little
    Darcey Little

    Must be difficult to cover it for standardized testing...

Get science classroom pet. He gets his own facebook, friend requests students. Updates/picture from "his" perspective. Easy way to stay in touch with students & add humor!