Hunger games funny Lol exactly what I thought when I heard the song

OMG THIS IS THE BEST! Santana's performance left me speechless on glee. The Hunger Games is always amazing. Glee=favorite show; The Hunger Games=favorite movie.

Oh those feels :(

Cinna is my favorite character, both in the book and movie. Casting Lenny Kravitz as Cinna was a perfect choice in my opinion; GO CINNA!

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WANT Charm Bracelet- Mockingjay Bracelet, Hunger Games Bracelet. Love this bracelet! But not half as much as I love the books

The Hunger Games. Pages, Chapters, Books, The Girl On Fire, The Boy With Bread, The Story

This pin is about the story the hunger games. It shows that the story is quite hard to manage but the director managed to do it, and he did a wonderful job i must say.

Pretty adorable for all The Hunger Games lovers!

Hunger Games Fashion

Pretty adorable for all The Hunger Games lovers! Awesome hunger games apparel and accessories!

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