Growing plant from food scraps

The Kitchen Experiment Garden: Growing Plants from Food Scraps

montessori workjobs: montessori practical life spooning extensions

Preparation: Jars & lids, pouring, using a funnel, and spooning. Materials: tray, bottles or vessels that in order to fill will requi.

Loose Parts - The Remida Project ≈≈

Loose Parts - The Remida Project ≈≈Some of these look like the channeled floor boards cut into small pieces! How fun for kids to fit them together along with everything else!

Dramatic Play: Pritzker Playspace

Minus the Tide bottle, which seems out of place in such a natural looking space, I really like the components of this laundry center.

Reggio: Natural Materials | Inspiring Play Environments |

Reggio: Natural Materials

Simple pallet puppet theatre

maybe a puppet theatre for the smaller ones we could keep in the room and pull out for them

Montessori 3-6 Practical Life

OUTDOOR WASHING:Aprons on pegs, Washing table with washboard,pitcher,basins and bucket, clothes drying rack and pins.

Rincones Educacion infantil (4)

Trabajo por rincones

Collect on a nature walk add magnifying glass- discovery box for nature collection