Only one shall prevail…

Hahahaha I'm sure jessi or one of my siblings did this to me.and exactly why Kaleigh needs some siblings. This photo makes me want to adopt even more! Joys of siblings.


I'm a wot

I died.

You know…

I laughed out loud at this. I think the farmer tried to milk that cow his own way.


You think you’re smart…

You think you’re smart until you try to turn on someone else's shower.

My vengens are over

Funny pictures about Just a seal that ran into the glass. Oh, and cool pics about Just a seal that ran into the glass. Also, Just a seal that ran into the glass.


the words are hard to read but the first comment says 'that gazebo is so dead' and the second says ' are you sure gazebo is the correct word?


Im sorry, i cant even focus on the joke, but does this picture strike as a little innapropriate for disney princesses to anyone else besides me? Maybe its my dirty mind or just crazy me.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 76 Pics

Starring an adorable Husky who tells bad jokes, Pun Dog could be the next Doge internet sensation. Learn about the hilarious funny dog meme.

Toph :)

I spend a good five minutes thinking that was Momo's signature or something before realizing that Toph was missing and that that was her signature. Is no one gonna comment about the sifu hotman thing or?

I laughed probably more than I should have...

I laughed probably more than I should have.-The adequate Spider-Man

Not necessarily for anime...more like with a party and I tell everyone I am going to bed....

that awkward moment when you did this literally two nights ago <<< I seriously did this 2 nights ago. I'm not an otaku! It's one certain anime. That's not otaku right?

"Just eat the friggin' Snickers, Dean!" ||| Sam, Dean, and Castiel ||| Supernatural Season 9 Fan Art

Why wait! Eat the Snickers Dean! Supernatural Sam Winchester Castiel Deanmon Demon Dean Mark of Cain First Blade

History joke. Bwahahahahaha

This is one of the nerdiest jokes I have ever heard. But I'm not gonna lie. I think this is hilarious. I believe it is a good joke