'Magic Mike' guys: EW portraits

Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, and Matthew McConaughey. My.Cant wait to see this movie.


Captain Hook, Once Upon a Time. Possibly the hottest man I've seen, everything that attracts my eye.

How is it possible for someone to be this attractive?

The best photos of Matt Bomer, the American actor best known as con-man Neal Caffrey on the TV show White Collar. Prior to slipping into the White Collar suit and s.

Yep. Basically.

David Tennant- Like red velvet mancake. This genuinely makes me giggle like a child. I may never look at red velvet cake the same way again.


Johny DePP, I found this on geek and who ever pined it put, johnny Deep. But mr. DePP why not stop smoking, Mr.

Captain Hook never looked so good.

Come to the Dark Side…. We Have Hot Irish Men. Irish Men are my weakness! Just ask my Irish boyfriend!

Magic Mike Magic Mike!!

Magic Mike - doesn't matter what it's about- could be a silent movie for all I care.

white collar....LOVE

fedora hat and glasses are the most perfect thing i man can wear in my opinion

Alcide, oh wow! Joe Manganiello from True Blood

An important message for those suffering from withdrawal!

Alcide, oh wow! Joe Manganiello from True Blood Alcide, oh wow! Joe Manganiello from True Blood