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White Fox is a design and editorial company. That means we do copywriting, newsletters, brochures, new corporate identity, exhibitions and all the other…
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a wooden table and chairs in front of a small house with sliding glass doors on the outside
WhiteFox (@thinkwhitefox) / Twitter
WhiteFox (@thinkwhitefox) | Twitter
an info sheet with pictures and text describing the different things to see in this country
A page from 'Year of Adventure' promotion for Denbighshire County Council.
an advertisement for the 30th anniversary of yorkshire's adventure, with photos of people and animals
Promotion for 'Year of Adventure' for Denbighshire County Council
two menus sitting on top of each other
Menu covers for 'On the Hill', Ruthin
two business cards sitting next to each other on top of a brown table with black and white paper
Business cards for 'On the Hill', Ruthin
the logo for on the hill restaurant, which is located in front of an orange wall
Corporate identity, menu design, signage - the whole package for On the Hill, Ruthin.
the logo for white fox design and editorial, with an image of a fox on it
Felix for White Fox
a black and white drawing of an eagle flying over the american flag, with waves in the background
Redirect Notice
Lino print. I love foxes.
there is a book about town trails on the white table with it's cover
Denbighshire County Council 'Town Trail' leaflet pack
an orange and black brochure with images of buildings
Inside spread of a Denbighshire County Council 'Town Trail' leaflet
clear the chaos logo with an orange circle in the middle and white letters on it
Corporate Identity for new business http://www.clearthechaos.co.uk/
an image of the mountains and hills with text that reads,'mountain range and dee valley
Print for Clwydian Range and Dee Valley AONB
a cell phone with the cover of ride north wales on it's screen and an image of a man riding a mountain bike
'Ride North Wales' branding
a magazine cover with an old castle in the background
Advert for Flintshire County Council