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two pieces of metal are stacked on top of each other in the shape of an obelisk
~ Skywen ~
viking hilt, 9th century
an ancient object is shown in black and white
Fotoportalen UNIMUS
Carved post from one of the Oseberg bed sets (there were five). The image can be found on page 173 of the website. Here is what is written about it: Motiv: Dyrehode på sengehesten; Gjenstand: Sengehest; Sted: Norge, Vestfold, Tønsberg, Oseberg, Jarlsberg Hovedgård, 161; Bestillingsnr: CfO0446; Museumsnummer: O1904_sengehest; Lisens: CC BY-NC 3.0
an old wooden ruler with writing on it
an assortment of glassware on display in a museum case, including a horn and beaded necklace
More fabulous viking artifacts from the Historisk Museum
viking artifacts from the Historisk Museum
an old village with wooden buildings and green grass
A Visit to Murton Park Viking Village
Last Saturday we had a great visit to the Murton Park Viking Village which is on the site of the Yorkshire Museum of Farming just outside of York. Although we took lots of photos of wonderful old f…
an old metal object with intricate designs on it
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Silver-inlaid axehead in the Mammen style, AD 900s. Bjerringhoj, Mammen, Jutland, Denmark.
a wooden shield with an image of a dragon on it and a hammer in the center
four women standing in line with their backs turned to the side
norse woman's clothing from bottom garment to thickest layer of cold weather gear.
the wheel of fifths in english
The Viking Calendar
Viking Calendar
a man wearing a brown hat and coat holding a bird in his hands while standing next to trees
Travel Food for Vikings
Travel Food for Vikings
a large red sail boat floating on top of a body of water next to a mountain
harald fairhair | Dragon Harald Fairhair