Wow! Watch the special moments that Daniel LaRusso, Ralph Macchio, has with Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita. Watch as both Daniel and Mr. Miyagi battle their way through conflicts during the adventure to make Daniel a master in Karate. Tim Yeh

I think I had every one of these...what a fortune I'd have now if I hadn't sold them all at garage sales!!!

Greetings! I'm a child of the who never left the The are my happy place. I love all things retro, Castle/Caskett, Mork & Mindy, Genesis/Phil Collins, Paula Abdul, classic tv, retro toys, Barry Manilow, Daryl Hall, Howard...

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Any children of the remember this toy: Fashion Plates? Other then Barbie, this was my absolute fave. Looking at this pic brings back lots of great memories ...

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80 S Kids

80 S Kids

80 S Kids