~Tsubasa Chronicles Bridal Gown~ Our bridal client Megan commissioned us to design and create her wedding dress inspired by the artwork of CLAMP’s Tsubasa Chronicles.

Sweetheart champagne tulle long layer prom dress, 3D flower sash evening dress

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thesanityclause: “ kellylugosisdead: “Rose Armor Gown by Lillyxandra ” This is so beautiful ;

Our customer sent us an image of Whisperwind from World of Warcraft to use as inspiration in her gown design. I wanted to give the feeling that her gown was woven from moonli.

Beautiful photo by M.Norris Contemporary Photography of our customer in the Maleficent gown we created for her! Wig by - Contacts by - Wings by - Horns by - Mud And Majesty

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