Halloween Hand Treats

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Spider Web Snacks

Creepy Spider Web Snacks made from pretzels and icing make the perfect sweet treats for your little goblins. Have to make this for Chloe not to sweet with the pretzels and raisins

Bottle of Boos. A great Halloween idea www.partyista.com

Halloween Bats Lighted Wine Bottle ~ Hand Painted Bottle of Boos with Spooky Ghosts and Black Cat make a unique Halloween decoration.


lollipops, black pipe cleaners and small wiggly eyes. center pipe cleaners around lollipop stick, and twist tight. repeat 4 times to make 8 legs. glue on eyes. bend ends of pipe cleaners so they look like spider legs

Halloween Ghost Foot Print Crafts, its been awhile since Ive done any projects... time to get back into it!!!!

Halloween Ghost Foot Print Crafts, its been awhile since Ive done any projects. time to get back into it! Maybe every year?

Halloween ghostly figure made from chicken wire. You may have to be pretty talented with the wire but this would be awesome.

chicken wire in the yard + glow in the dark paint = ghosts in the front yard. chicken wire in the yard + glow in the dark paint…

Egg Carton Bats

"Egg Carton Bat: This easy Halloween craft project makes a great decoration for your home or classroom. Best of all, the supplies are inexpensive and the results satisfying.

Break-Open Halloween Cookies, love this idea!

Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Cookies, Break Them Open to Get the Candy

Break-Open Halloween Cookies This is so cool! I'm on desserts for Christmas this year. break-open Santa face cookies anyone?


Vintage Halloween Tags/Labels-Dyed Bats Droppings-Set of 6 pumpkin poop corn candy guess how many win the jar game

Thirsty for some witches brew?   Thinking of Canning Jars, Witch's Brew Labels and a funky Halloween straw

Giveaway: Halloween with Pottery Barn Kids

Halloween Party Witches' Brew - Dress up a glass of juice with a witch’s hat straw, and give it a fun name like witches’ brew.