Oed satire essays A satirical utterance; a speech or saying which ridicules and criticizes a person, thing, or quality. Also as a mass noun: satirical speech.


Pluto is ohana. Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.

These made me laugh so hard.

Long Tumblr post, but it's very funny

Swiper no swiping! I just woke my hubby up, because I was laughing so damn hard about swiper!

this makes me laugh so hard every time i see it, never gets old.

This is kinda insulting to people who wear glasses. It makes people think your not beautiful if you wear glasses and your a weird nerd. I wear glasses and I get hateful comments like I'm a nerd.

Except for the joker lol

I Believe In Heroes, But Villains Are Better

Every villain has a reason. Then there's the Joker XD

On what really happens every month: | The 27 Realest Tumblr Posts About Periods

God dammit some idiots ruin the entire thing<<< man. I liked being a ware wolf till THESE PEOPLE done messed it up<<<<these damn humans keep messing with the natural system.

Two Moods

Two Moods

Funny pictures about Two Moods. Oh, and cool pics about Two Moods. Also, Two Moods photos.

When this person maybe needed some sleep: | 28 Times Tumblr Was Actually Right About Everything

28 Times Tumblr Was Actually Right About Everything

"people with vaginas" - I believe we're called WOMEN, dear. #dying

"People with vaginas".the one under that is like the most hilarious thing XD

This is sadly true about older brothers. There exsists older brothers who are perfect.

People are very sensitive. Also: Everyone should know a little pop culture.

Joker without makeup

Funny pictures about The Joker without make-up. Oh, and cool pics about The Joker without make-up. Also, The Joker without make-up photos.

That's why Joker is the best

Batman enemies’ motives…

Batman's Enemies Lol sassy joker "I did it cuz I wanted to"