Anthm turns your iPhone into the next generation of jukebox. Launch the app, start a party then you and your friends can add music into one playlist. You can request from millions (yes, millions) of songs. No need to use your own library of music, Anthm will stream all the music for you.

Anthm - Jukebox app for your rdio playlist via iPhone and have your friends vote for what's up next.

** Readability - the web's best reading platform - finally arrives for your iPhone or iPad **

Readability turns any web page into a clean view for reading now or later on your computer, iPhone or iPad. With the Readability app, you can catch up reading what you've saved with the free Readability add-on for your web browser.

Clik: Turn your phone into a remote

Turn any web enabled screen into a mirror for your phone's video (YT only at present)

Free international calls and text messages to other Viber  users using 3G or Wi-Fi.

HOW TO: Make Free Calls Worldwide from Your Android & iPhone Device with Viber

~★Apple Featured App★~★Top 10 News★~ delivers the *must-read news* from your friends on Twitter and Facebook. analyzes all the links shared by your friends to find only the most relevant news for you.

me: An Interest-Based News Aggregator For The iPhone

AntiCrop is the application that you’ve always dreamed about but never thought possible. For the first time ever, you can uncrop photos on your iPhone or iPad.

Check out the anti-cropping algorithm on the neat photo app, AntiCrop for iPhone and iPad.

The correct way to ask for permissions

The Right Way To Ask Users For iOS