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Don't cha wish your baby was cute like mine?

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These #interior #lights made by a #3Dprinter are incredible, aren't they?

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how to do kawaii kitty hair - kiddo Halloween hair??

Nearly invisible shoe for if you have a Cosplay that needs no shoes! Awesome idea here!

Removing the shine to your wig... Might need to remember this for future epic Halloween costumes...

eyeliner. Some day I'll cosplay............

Glitz All for You Heel in Beige, @ModCloth

Sparkle an Interest Heel, @ModCloth

Fundamental Flair Heel, @ModCloth

A Lovely Change of Lace Bootie, @ModCloth

Windy City Dress in Pink Pin Dots, @ModCloth

Graceful Companion Dress, @ModCloth

You Nova You Love It Dress, @ModCloth

DIY. Like the yellow and brown can't do the grey pretty for our mastet bedroom