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The Hobbit - Tauriel #cosplay #cosplay - 『ノテフロ』 FAVORITE EVEERRRRRR

Tauriel by Fiora-solo-top on deviantART

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elven archer leather armor by Lagueuse

elven archer leather armor by Lagueuse on deviantART

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Nice elvish costume!

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This link has details on how to make Eowyn costumes! (Lord of the Rings)

The Costumer's Guide to Movie Costumes

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simple and pretty

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Elven dagger-scabards Comm by ~Sharpener on deviantART

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Could be Steampunk with accessories or a hunter/medieval costume without. Nice.

Ravenswood Saberist Short Dress

Etsyfrom Etsy

Elf Fairy Hobbit Vulcan Spock Cosplay LARP Hallowen Latex Ear Tips Prosthetics from Wizafir

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Elf ears $8.99

Elf Fairy Hobbit Vulcan Spock Cosplay LARP Hallowen Latex Ear Tips Prosthetics from Wizafir

Etsyfrom Etsy

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Jacket 636

Who has $636 for me to borrow? WANT! Leather Huntress Hooded Jacket. $636.00, via Etsy.

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Must Steampunk It!!!

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Ravenswood Ranger Leather Dress

Gipsy Dharmafrom Gipsy Dharma

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Gipsy Goth Black Leather Boots For Women

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Bad ass jacket/vest. I like the lines of it. (but not the price - $395)

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love the shape of this surcoat!

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Green Ruffle Empire Pirate Corset by damselinthisdress. This would be great for a costume inspired by Pride and Prejudice.

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elvish huntress costumes | Saberist Short Dress

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depending upon where the lowest point in the skirt falls, it might be paired with pants or high boots for coverage.

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4" Ladies Warrior Belt Premium

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I really should make a belt like this.

4" Ladies Premium Warrior Belt

Geeks are Sexy Technology Newsfrom Geeks are Sexy Technology News

femme loki 4

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I really like this design. The high low skirt would be easy to ride in. Just change the color and the neckline.

femme loki 4 | Geeks are Sexy Technology News

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Really, really like the detail on this!

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I would love to have this for everyday use!

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Elven Ranger


Leather Dresses

I like the pattern of the back of this outfit

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Same dress, different view.

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Ravenswood Leather's Ranger Dress Price: $590.50 //

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Exclusive pic from Entertainment Weekly. This is such a fantastic shot of Tauriel's costume!!

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