Print onto cloth (will also work with wood). Reverse graphic and print onto paper size (8.5 x 11) freezer paper. Make sure plastic side gets inked. It will be wet. Lay onto fabric & iron down. NO steam. About 60 secs. Put on hard surface and burnish down paper even more. Peel off & done. If ink waterproof, so is graphic.

The Graphics Fairy - DIY: DIY Transfer Project & Paris Address Printable (print directly onto freezer paper and iron onto project)

diy simple screen printing.

screen printing with modpodge and pantyhose. stretch pantyhose over embroidery hoop trace design paint modpodge onto areas not to be painted let dry place onto fabric then apply acrylic paint and spread evenly lift off carefully and allow to dry.

They have these table runners at The Dollar Tree.

simple DIY striped table runner - LOVE this idea. I feel like once I'm not pregnant anymore I will be using A LOT of fabric paint


Sarah Pinyan posted a good DIY - hand cut crinkle fans to her -Papercraft- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

DIY Fabric Origami Wallet - only folding no sewing / Bee-a-ba

Bee-a-ba: Fabric Origami Wallet --- she used stiffened fabric. Could use sturdy paper or maybe do some recycled wrappers on interfacing or something.

house box templates

Paper Houses and Towns (Templates and Cut-Outs) Round-up

Packaged in quaint town-house boxes, lebkuchen cookies seem all the more authentic. The town house gift-boxes clip art creates a sleeve that slips over a box filled with cookies.