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Media In Our Image

How will portraiture evolve in the 21st century? Media in Our Image explores portrait conventions from the Renaissance to the digital age in order to create images that capture more about our taste, values & beliefs than about our race, gender, age or income. What began in the pages of Women's Studies Quarterly will evolve here & on Tumblr ( where we can harness the power of social media to redefine ourselves in our own terms. To contribute, drop us a note @Mojojohanna

Media In Our Image

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"Judgement", Rosea Lane

Lena Dunham was asked whether art is useful. Her answer could be included in the manifesto for the MEDIA IN OUR IMAGE project: Art rallies the people against injustice and makes them feel less alone. That is why freedom of speech and expression are such essential issues to me. The alternative is hell. The alternative is a world where we never see ourselves reflected back at ourselves…That's why diversity on television is so important…

// Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

flowing script~via French Kissed Postcards

rose by Lynne Hoppe ~ oil pastel, derwent drawing pencil, graphite on old paper

I'm an activist and Ageism is the last bastion." She thought about how to fight ageism and the idea that older people have to vanish in society by becoming a model in her 70s. Many people believe that older people should act and dress a certain way. That they should step back and quiet their voices. Many people don't pay attention to older people at all. It is my belief that creativity, style, and spirit advance with age. We can learn so much from our elders.

This is a recreation of the goddess Durga, worshipped for her strength and invincibility. | India’s Incredibly Powerful "Abused Goddesses" Campaign Condemns Domestic Violence "The campaign simply and effectively captures India’s most dangerous contradiction: that of revering women in religion and mythology, while the nation remains incredibly unsafe for its women citizens."

The Worst (And Least Awful) Female Superhero Movies According To Nostalgia Chick [VIDEO] The Superhero business is booming in Hollywood. But what does that mean for female representation? Female protagonists are slim to none in these iconic story arcs. This video runs through the meager existence of films that exist on the market. It's time for some better stories.

Edmonia Lewis. Mary Edmonia Lewis,1844–1907. First African American & Native American woman to gain fame & recognition as a sculptor in the International Fine Arts world. Ms Lewis attended Oberlin College in 1882 and lived in Boston for a time before moving to Rome. She spent most of her adult career in Rome and until recently it was assumed she had died there. However she appears to have died in London,Eng. Her work, The Death of Cleopatra is in the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Suffragettes ~ 1911 - Inspiring to see the self made sign boldly display their cause in a much more reserved time. Bravery is committing to change when one must forego the comforting silence of the status quo.

Rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan


WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines by Vaquera Films. A moving portrayal of the many portrayals of the most well known heroine in comics, through the eyes of fans.

Paige Hall speaks for any woman who's ever been made to feel bad for not living up to an impossible ideal of beauty, or for not being interested in the "right" things. So moving.

Paige Hall speaks for any woman who's ever been made to feel bad for not living up to an impossible ideal of beauty, or for not being interested in the "right" things. So moving.

An incredible event from the inventive folks at Les Figues Press: "Using a tool-box of pre-selected writing constraints, the Les Figues team of writers and producers will re-imagine this text for today’s busy image-maker. What is the difference, if any, between an image made on the page, though a book, or with a body? Together, we will explore the social construction of image-making as performance and creative act."

  • Coco Owen
    Coco Owen

    I'll be part of the writing/make-over team this weekend!

  • Johanna Blakley
    Johanna Blakley

    It's getting quite the buzz! And deservedly so!! Brilliant idea . . .

Nina Hagen | Slanted - Typo Weblog und Magazin

antonio•merini //

Veiled portrait

I portrait like a peeling palimpsest

Swedish Mannequins Cause a Controversy | Healthy Living - Yahoo! Shine

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits | Fast Company

Page 3 protesters outside the Sun office, marking the 42nd anniversary. Protesters delivered a birthday card filled with the Sun's page 3 explicit images in juxtapose to the fully covered men featured in their periodical. The mock birthday card was posted on Facebook. But according to Facebook's terms of service was taken down immediately due to the explicit nature of the images. These very images are contained within our national news media outlets. Facebook's sets a precedent.

Beatrice Wood Throwing at over 100 years old!!!

Ryan Gosling, the modern feminist symbol, takes part in the meme sweeping the fall out from the second presidential #debate. Where do you stand on the women in binders comment?