65 Sweet Drinks and Smoothies

watermelon breeze - chilled cubed watermelon, coconut water, and fresh lime juice....add vodka

Ostara - (A shortcut if you don't have time for the traditionals) Bunny Bread for Easter! How to do this is use any sort of frozen or homemade bread dough, form your rolls, snip and lift/shape the ears during rising and carve the eyes once baked! - paaske

Avocado Toast with Cilantro Lime Cashew Cream

Avocado Toast with Cilantro Lime Cashew Cream

Your Avocado Toast Addiction Will Only Get Stronger With These 9 Awesome Recipes Avocado Toast With Cilantro Lime Cashew Cream A drizzle of tart and silky cashew cream — spiked with fresh lime juice and zesty cilantro — makes this recipe feel extra fancy.

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Basic French Macarons

Macarons are a light-as-a-feather, classic French treat. Make the baked confection using Martha's Stewart's French macaroons recipe and fill your macaroons with a choice of chocolate, coconut, meringue or raspberry. Serve our French macaroons immediately

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