Cloud lights. This is one of the single most awesome ideas ever. In the comments instructions were given:First, you need some cotton batting, a paper lantern, and three flameless candles, the type that Glade sells. Pull at the cotton batting until it looks fluffy, light, and cloud-like. Then, hot glue it to the outside of the paper lantern in various places. Make sure it's fluffed to your liking, then light the lights and stick them inside. Hang the lantern wherever you'd like.

Cloud lights ♥ one of the most awesome ideas ever. Use: cotton batting, a paper lantern, & 3 flameless candles. Pull at cotton batting til it looks fluffy & cloud-like; & hot glue it all around the lantern. Add lights to lantern. Clouds are ready to hang!

Laundry room island. A place to fold on top and baskets to put folded laundry in (a basket for each member of the family).

Our Best Tips for Laundry Room Organization

DREAM HOME Laundry room island. Place to fold on top, baskets to put folded laundry in (a basket for each member of the family).I WISH I had a laundry room I could do this in!

Homemade Air Fresheners.

Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners

gel air fresheners Homemade Essential Oil Air Fresheners Ingredients: 1 ounce granulated or powdered gelatin 2 cups cold water, divided drops of your choice of essential oil 1 Tablespoon salt optional, food coloring to tint the air freshener

Magazine racks in the pantry. Who knew? Genius!

Use a magazine rack to hold your canned goods in your pantry. PB&J; Stories said she used a bobby pin at the end as a stopper. Is the bobby pin thing safe? I will try!

Bookshelf for the corner!

We've used a similar corner shelving unit to create space in a small 7 by 9 ft room. It's a great, easy shelving solution for small spaces (although installing it was a bit tricky as the walls weren't plumb.

bunks with tree ladder

Tree-scape ladder for bunkbeds, I would love to make something like this for the boys.Make built in bunk beds with the tree and using the tree cut outs on other walls as well--- maybe for our boys someday:-)

ruffle bed throw

DIY ruffled throw - using 2 king sized sheets. I have come to love ruffles lately.maybe I'll break out the sewing machine again and do this! Rouzic Green I love this

What a BRILLIANT idea!  I hate whining!    Uh-Oh Jar full of kid-chores when they are whiney or sassy or jerky.   EX: sort laundry, empty all garbage cans in house, clean out car, practice writing letters, clean off back patio,  sweep front porch, vacuum family room, empty/load the dishwasher, practice ABC’s/numbers, clean front of fridge/dishwasher, tidy up shoes, dust...

Extra chores for when kids are naughty, whiney, tattle-taling, etc.what a great idea. Maybe call it the consequence jar, have white papers for older kids and pink for younger ones! Be great to also have a rewards jar for extra good behavior!

I love the idea of an entire wall of cabinets and storage.  I am thinking my underground house will have a couple of walls like this.

Instead of a dresser that takes up space in a small room, design built in shelves and use baskets for storage & organizing. A wonderful idea it looks great as well!

Small bathroom storage ideas @ DIY Home Ideas

this is just like my bathroom lol, i cant wait for the new storage! Small bathroom storage ideas @ DIY Home Ideas.we should hang a lot of our shelves in the bathroom for extra storage :)