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    Tried it before pinning. Seems to work. Don't know how it would be in the middle of a REALLY bad cold though.

    1000 Life Hacks

    A little hot air from a blow dryer quickly loosens price labels—with zero fingernail-chipping frustration.

    Surprising Cleaning New Uses

    1000 Life Hacks

    1000 Life Hacks

    Introducing Tiffany's Crochet Creations: Flea Killer for your Carpet --- gonna try this right now!

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    If your eyes are blue…

    white girls. white girls everywhere. XD LOL

    Forever 21′s trash can…

    Haha awesome idea

    26 Of The Best Ideas Ever

    Disguise your alcohol as tampons in Booze Tubes!! - Pack Of 5 - Urban Outfitters HAHAHAHA Probably the smartest thing I've ever seen

    Booze Tube - Pack Of 5 - Urban Outfitters

    14 Ways to Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching - wikiHow

    How to Stop Mosquito Bites from Itching

    There are files taking up storage on your phone that you don't even know exist. Make sure you're conserving storage by eliminating them from your device.And my phone storage is ALWAYS full! Ugh.

    What to Remove First When Your Phone Storage Is Full

    I laughed too hard at this.

    Funny Pictures Of The Day - 69 Pics

    How to Play the Golden Girls Drinking Game

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    Cats 'n' boxes

    The cat traps worked…

    So funny

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    Fill pot with 2" of soil then place one uncracked raw egg in the pot. As it decomposes, it will serve as a natural fertilizer.

    4 Steps to Starting a Vegetable Garden

    I love Wilson

    Where are they now? '90s Heartthrobs

    Cleaned out EOS containers are the perfect jewelry container for traveling.

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    S'well bottles keep water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours

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    Avocado Saver: It's not always easy to go through an entire avocado, but the problem with saving the half you don't eat is how easily it browns. The Avocado Saver ($5) reduces the amount of air exposure to the fruit, keeping it fresh until the next snack time rolls around.

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    Handbooks and Resources for Children and Youth in Foster Care

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    Congestion relief for babies Super cheap and super easy 1 tbsp of Vicks 1tbsp Luke warn water Put your scentsy warmer on and put it in their room and watch the magic happen

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    Disney Princess Photo Booth Props

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    Lavender cloud dough helps soothe, calm, and relax little ones. It is AMAZING the effect this cloud dough has on chilling out kids and refocusing their energies in positive ways. {Great for time out, just before bed time, and anytime you need to calm kids down}

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