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Sarah Resing
Sarah Resing
Sarah Resing

Sarah Resing

These are the most amazing pens I've encountered. I like to draw in pen, namely because it looks sharper, and erasable pens usually suck. BUT these erase with friction (both in gel and marker pen style), leaving NO trace, and no eraser shavings. It erases better than pencils and doesn't smudge during use. I'm smitten.

12 Heartbreaking Quotes Said To Sexual Assault Survivors By Their Family Members

Everyone knows at least one person who obsessively keeps their car spotless. This prank is perfect for that person.

"I'm fine" can mask a whole host of bad feelings - even thoughts of suicide. The Suicide Prevention Hotline is in my cell phone. Please consider adding it to yours: 800.273.8255

How Robin Williams' death helped Erika Moen realize she wanted to live.

  • Katsunuke OF AWESOMENESS

    In the speed of a heart beat. That won't be living, without a little pain. I would rather deal with it but i know that one day i wont be able to take it. i thank anyone who has tried to help me in anyway. Just don't try i need to bottle it up. one day i will burst but it won't be bad. Everyone will know how i feel no one will be hurt i will be scared. They will help me. maybe. but today is not that day. So thank you Jan Krane but i don't think that prayer would work. at least not today

  • Katsunuke OF AWESOMENESS

    I'm so sorry if i made anyone sad

  • Katsunuke OF AWESOMENESS

    I'm so sorry if i made anyone cry

  • Meggan Rodarte

    Katsunuke - you have nothing to apologize for :-) I hope you find peace soon

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Simple+Art+Activity+that+Provides+Stress+Relief,+even+for+Anxiety+Disorder. Healthy living needs to be stress reduced. Here is a creative idea!

  • Bev Moore

    My mom taught my brothers and me to do this whiten we were little. Great fun and it really does relieve stress.

Kristina Webb Disney Princesses Drawing

All the Disney princesses in one! Gorgeous artwork by Kristina Webb Art