Random Acts of Kindness Week: Students try to complete EVERY activity on their board. Kids do love a challenge :)

Random Acts of Kindness Board~ post it on the refrigerator and see how quickly your child can cross off a row. Or have your child create their own Random Acts of Kindness Board for summer.

Sometimes it seems that being kind is a weakness, because of all the cruelty in this world. But being kind it's who you are and the people who love you, love you because you are you. Click on this image to see the biggest selection of life tips and positive quotes!

Don't let people try to tell you having a soft heart is a weakness because that's just bull. You are one brave soul if you can have such a soft and giving and kind heart in this cruel, judgmental, and wicked world.

"Have Courage and Be Kind" FREE printable |lollyjane.com

If you saw Cinderella, I am sure you loved it! Here is a Have Courage and Be Kind Cinderella Free Printable that you can hang in your kids room!

List of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Ideas...

Advent Calendar Activities: Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

List of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness Ideas for Advent Box, RAK, Christmas Gift, Christmas Present, You've Been Rack'd

A beautiful letter from a mother to a daughter or in my case, my grandmother to me! It's really important, I think, to stand still with the fact, your beloved ones become older and if this is what they want, we must give it to them! The same as they gave that to us! <3

I love this beautiful letter about aging, love and the cycles of life. I have found it in many places online, but had a hard time tracking down the origins.


Stunning photos related to all things "bling" - sparkles, glitter, diamonds, shine, jewels and sequins.

Twinkle, golden and glam up your life!

35 Positive Quotes to Have a Nice Day

Leave a little sparkle wherever you go - beauty quote.My wish for you is that you'll always be covered in glitter and wearing fabulous crowns, so everyone you meet will see your "sparkle" on the inside!

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