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More like this: knee injury, lean arms and knee pain.

Yeah, I don't really work out, but if I ever do I'll start here

Today matters ...

Full ab workouts that show you which muscles you're toning. #exercise #workout #fitness needed this.

Or a 20-minute mile...or a 30-minute mile...or a 60-minute mile. Just START FROM WHERE YOU ARE. :)

26 Healthy Yoga Postures.

Another pinner said "My trainer makes me do these and by far will give you flatter abs faster then any crunches!"

Stretches for sore neck and shoulders. I need these bad! Exactly where I hold my stress!!

The One-Room Workout, No Treadmill Necessary for Every College Girl

Nighttime stretches to help you sleep better (and improve your flexibility). Need to try!

This website is AMAZING. You don't need to pay for P90X, Insanity...etc. It incorporates every type of workout imaginable. Its completely FREE and you don't need any equipment but your own body and drive!! ENJOY!!!

Yoga Sequence That Burns MEGA Calories!

Four moves to strong abs. Not a single crunch in here

Quick form check - are you doing any of these exercises wrong?

"These are NO JOKE.. My trainer sculpted my arms doing these here! Spider-Man Press-Up. Targets: Chest, Triceps, Abs, Obliques, Butt, Hips. Start in Push-up position, bring knee out to side to elbow, press up and return to start. Do 8 reps. Switch sides and repeat. Do 2 sets."

Anyone can fit in some cardio without hopping on a machhine. These are 35 cardio-based strength exercises that’ll pump up the heart rate without running for miles.- great for in between reps to, crazy calorie burner!

10 an exercises to break up the monotony of regular crunches

My abs hurt just from watching this! Zumba ab workout - this girl knows how to work the abs - try it! Hotel Room - Pitbull! I really only refined for the lady on the waaaayy back. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.