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The Dog Rose (Witches' Briar, Dogberry) symbolizes Pain and Pleasure. After World War II, it was planted in victory gardens and still grows from those locations. It is native to Europe, NW Africa, and W Asia. It is a deciduous shrub ranging from 1-5m high though it can grow higher than trees. Its prickles help it climb. The flowers are usually pale pink, though they can vary between deep pink and white.

The aptly named dog rose. Trailing over a fence this is like a quiet pretty rottweiler. Lots of thorns will keep those outside out. Rosa canina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Floral Tattoos…

Thinking vintage flowers on the inside of my forearm with "Love" written in my grandma's handwriting. What is awesome, this is a temp tattoo so I can "try" it out. vintage blue and white floral temporary tattoo - mothers day