If she's not your role model, you may want to rethink your life, absolutely love jennifer lawerance ♥

Sophia Loren

Line Gost.a Sophia Loren look alike in 2008 GUESS fashion ad. Photo by Canadian rock star Bryan Adams.***Sophia was a sex kitten.

Audrey Hepburn

The always classy Audrey Hepburn. A legend of the silver screen, but she wasn't just a beautiful face. She was a humanitarian, a philanthropist and an all around great human being. A lot of people in Hollywood could take a page from her book.

MM in her Jean Louis nude gauze crystal gown. She was sewn into the dress just hours before flying from L.A. to NYC in 1962 for JFK's birthday gala.

On Marilyn Monroe: "It was just skin and beads - only I didn't see the beads!S Ambassador to the United Nations, Adlai Stevenson describing Marilyn's dress (Marilyn at Madison Square Garden singing Happy Birthday to JFK on May

Learn how to do the pin-up girl hair style!

Life With 4 Boys: 4 Pin-Up Girl Hair Tutorials for Medium to Short Hair. I love vintage styled hair. It's pretty easy to achieve I think.

Diana Ross

diana ross fashion mahogany movie vintage gown purple long dress unique style neckline turban one sleeve dramatic glam costume wardrobe Studio 54 disco elegant evening wear

Twiggy in Battersea Park, London, 1967. Photo by Ronald Traeger.

Ronald Traeger :: Twiggy, Battersea Park, London, July 1967 [Unpublished Fashion Study for British Vogue]