DIY at the Beach

Projects for my week at the beach.
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a sea shell with succulents and other flowers in a shadow box frame
a seashell flower is sitting on the ground
how to make shell flowers
two vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other with shells in them
seashell vase
tiled vase seashell
seashell terracotta pots with succulents in them
Seashell Terracotta Pots
a white frame with sea shells in it
Nikki | Cornish Coastal Art on Instagram: “G E T T I N G R I D D Y W I T H I T LOVE a pun. Love a grid! The first design I ever made when I started out back in 2017 - gosh how…”
a blue and white tie - dyed towel hanging on a clothes rack
5 Easy Shibori Folding Techniques for Beginners
a blue and white tie - dyed blanket on a white background with fringes in the middle
Shop Aboubakar Fofana Indigo Master on DARA Artisans
an old piece of cloth is laying on the floor next to other pieces of clothing
fabric friday: indigo shibori
fabric friday: indigo shibori – Oliver + S