cried with laughter - parents are great. (now that i am one I wonder what texts i will send to my kids in years to come which will make them laugh)

Funny pictures about Texts from mom and dad. Oh, and cool pics about Texts from mom and dad. Also, Texts from mom and dad.

Barbie and Ken in real life... Who ever came up with this photoshoot was genius


james mcavoy

James McAvoy, very yum and a very passionate actor. Every role he's been in (that I've seen - no more rated R movies, dude!) he's full on passion. Even as Mr. Tumnus the fawn. Love this boy.

Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall

Ben Whishaw as Q in Skyfall.i totally thought he was the most attractive guy in that whole movie.


Joseph Gordon Levitt is my men's wear style icon. Well cut textured vest with polka dot tie. Love that tie! Plus- he's gorgeous.

Shemar Moore & Matthew Gray Gubler, you might have to slightly avert your eyes from these super bright smiles.

quit being so cute guys (( Matthew Grey Gubler & Shemar Moore: agent Derek Morgan & Dr Spencer Reid )) my to faves!

Emma Stone

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